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Come Swimming With Us! 🐟 Kindy 2

Come Swimming With Us! 🐟 Kindy 2


Hello everyone!

We have been so excited about getting to use the pool this summer. We have been asking our teachers about it for weeks! 

The time has finally come and after getting changed, we are all ready to go.

“Let’s go!”

Before we could get into the pool we needed to get all rinsed off. 

“Step onto the wood platform.”

“It’s so cold!”

Playing with the water table was lots of fun and we enjoyed trying to make all the wheels spin. 

“Wow, you caught so many ducks!”

We even got to use reusable water balloons. We made sure to fill them up with so much water before we threw them at our friends.

“Got you!”

Using the slide and posing for pictures with friends was awesome.

“You go first, then I will go.”

“Everyone smile!”


Our favorite part of pool time was getting to splash Laken with as much water as we could. We used buckets, water balloons, and the hose!

‘I will get you!”

“The water is so cold!”

Laken and Manami had so much fun in the pool with you Kindy 2. We can’t wait to enjoy the rest of the summer season too!