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Leading Each Other Everyday ☆ Kindy 1 Class

Leading Each Other Everyday ☆ Kindy 1 Class


Hello everyone, Kindy 1 Class here!

Every morning, we love to come to Toni first thing and tell her the same thing.

“I want to be a Leader today, Toni!”

We get to have so many jobs around the classroom to help each other and our teachers! All of us are very familiar with our morning routine, so if we have a morning job we always know what to do.

“Let’s go through our Days of the Week! We have…”

We are all so good at repeating after our Leaders. After our Days of the Week Leader tells us our days, they ask us as a class for the answer.

“I know!”

“It’s, your turn!” Our Leaders call us by name. It’s really good for them to call on someone who doesn’t have a job that day. And when they’re are finished announcing their answer, we all tell them a big ‘Thank you’ for doing a good job.

“You’re welcome!”

“After we do Days of the Week, what’s next?” Toni will ask us.


“Who’s our Months Leader?”

“Our Month’s Leader is…” We can see on our Job Board and answer all together!

“I am!”

A new thing to our Morning Routine this year is going over our numbers. So far, as a Number Leader we only count to the same number as the days of our calendar.

If we need help, Toni is able to point to the number we need to look at. It’s a little hard to read our numbers upside down, but it’s so fun to flip our numbers as we count!

The Number Leader also does a big announcement; putting together the date that we all worked hard to find.

“Today is Thursday, June 22nd!”

“Okay Weather Leader. Can you sit criss-cross applesauce?”


“Oh, you’re so ready!”

The Weather Leader also has a big job! After we ask our friends what the weather is like, we get to go with Ari to check if they are right.

“Kindy 1, what number should we count from while our Weather Leader goes to check outside?”


“Okay, ready? 61… 62…63…”

We like trying to count on our fingers. We are so good with our big numbers. ^.^

“Okay Weather Leader, Kindy 1, what about our Temperature?”




“What do you think, Weather Leader?”

“The Weather today is, partly cloudy and warm!”

We have so many jobs, including Lunch Leader, Tidy Up Leader, and Line Leader! We are also very excited to soon start practicing as a Things to Keep in Mind Leader! We love volunteering to be a Class Leader and are so happy to have so many opportunities to show what we know!

Good job, Kindy 1! Toni and Ari are so proud of how well you can keep track of our daily routine every day! Let’s keep doing our best and have another great week together!