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Lunch with Kindy 3 ☆ Kindy 2

Lunch with Kindy 3 ☆ Kindy 2


Hello everyone,

Every Friday we get to have a picnic lunch, playtime and dodgeball with Kindy 3. We always get so excited and ask our teachers about it every day. 

Sitting and talking with Kindy 3 is always so fun!

“I have one too!”

We love when have curry! 

Cleaning up is an important part of keeping the classroom clean. That’s one of our Kindy rules!

We always cheer on our friends when they play Connect 4 against Andrew.

“Do you need this one?”

“Will you build with me?”

We have been practicing so much for our dodgeball game against Kindy 3. We got our energy up before the match.

“Let’s go!!!”

“Ready, set, go!”

We are better at dodging the balls and running around. We are even getting more comfortable throwing the balls.

“I got Andrew!”

We don’t always win our games but we always have fun.

We  look forward to more lunches with you Kindy 3!