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All About Daddy! ☆ Small Kids

All About Daddy! ☆ Small Kids


During the month of June we celebrate our Dads!

We wanted to show our fathers how much we love them by making a gold medal with a picture of ourselves inside.

Kerstin & Mika made an example of the gold medal so we could see what the finished product would look like.

“Taaaaa Daaaaa!!”

Okay now what’s it like inside?? “Open Open”

It’s Kerstin and she’s making a funny face! Hahaha

Off we go! Let’s make our Father’s Day Craft! 

First, we had to color the yellow part of the medal with markers. We used any three colors we liked. We had fun choosing colors from our color box.

“Thinking Thinking”

After choosing one color we colored as much as we wanted. “Coloring Coloring”

Okay. Now let’s close the lid and put the markers away. Push to close! “Push Push”

Next Step: Decorating the medal with stickers. We usually practice with stickers every morning during CST so this was a good opportunity to display our sticker removal and applying skills.

“Can you peel it?”

Then we used glue to stick the “Number 1” on the yellow circle we colored earlier. We had to use our big muscles to open it up. 

Arrggghhhh! “Open Open”

Then let’s spread the glue at the back of the “1”!!  We made sure to hold it down while spreading the glue. 

“Focus Focus”

Okay so now let’s close the marker and put it away. “Push Push”


And now let’s use our stamping motion. “Stamp Stamp”

“Yay!! We did it!!”

Finally, we practiced how we would give it to our Dads.

Don’t forget to say: I love you Daddy!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Super Dads out there! You get a medal but we’re the real prize

See you all on our next adventure!!