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New Sides to New Shapes ☆ Kindy 1

New Sides to New Shapes ☆ Kindy 1


Hello, everyone, Kindy 1 Class here!

This month is almost over, and we had a lot of fun with shapes last week! While most of our shapes were already familiar, we got to learn about new shapes, and we did some new activities with them that we haven’t done before.

One activity we did was try to make a shape with a friend using one of our new toys! It was a little hard, but that’s why we were able to work together!

“Oh, you can put it here!”

We tried very hard to figure out how to make the same shape as our flashcard. It was easier to name them.

“I have to make a circle?”

“Yes please! Can you do it together?”

“Help please, Toni.”

“Okay, good try!”

Toni helped us know how long the sticks we needed had to be. It was easier for us to put the jacks on the ends. But we did it! We like this kind of toy!

We also did craft with shapes! Toni said we were going to make a dinosaur! Some of us even looked at the example and could name our dinosaur!

“It’s going to be a stegosaurus!”

“What color triangles do you want?”

“Dark green, please.”

We had all different colors we could choose from.

“Uh, oh! My square!”

We had so many shapes to glue! We can’t wait to finish out craft!

Another new activity with our shapes that we did was following a dot-to-dot picture by the numbers! Toni showed us a couple times for our lessons, and we all did our best to try during our challenge time!

“Can you see what shape it is?”

“It’s a star!”

“Yeah it is!”

We had a lot of fun doing this activity for lessons, so we were able to color together!

“I want orange, please.”

“Okay, here you go. What shape do you want to color?”


We had so much fun with our new shapes! Do you know our favorite shape? Ask us!

“What’s your favorite shape?”

“My favorite shape is…”

Good job Kindy 1! Toni and Ari are very proud of you, especially when you need to remember our harder shapes, like hexagon and octagon! Let’s have another great week together and keep having fun learning new things!