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Temperature Time! ☀ Kindy 2

Temperature Time! ☀ Kindy 2


Hello everyone!

Our focus this month for math is reviewing what we already know about temperature. We are going over our flashcards so we are confident in our pronunciation, we have gotten really good at it!

We have started to try and associate food with different temperatures. We go over the flashcards first and then work as a class to sort the food into the correct temperature. 

“Chicken nuggets are warm.”

“I think sausage is hot.”

Sometimes we make mistakes, so we make sure to go over them together so we all understand!

We really like trying to find and draw different temperatures using a thermometer on the whiteboard. We get to practice both counting and number recognition. 

“25 is right here.”

We are also reviewing the seasons and what the temperature and weather is like during them. We got to separate into groups and talk about what each season is like. 

We even practice our writing for math activities.

“Winter is freezing!”

“Summer can be 30 degrees Celsius.” 

We love going over what everyone wrote as a group!

Learning about temperature and how we can apply our knowledge is so fun. We love doing the activities in groups so we can talk our answers over with our friends. 

Great work Kindy 2!