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Flying High!

Flying High!


Hello again everyone! Kindy 3 reporting in with another theme lesson! This week’s blog will be about our bird lesson!

First, we did a quick review of what we already knew. We went over common birds parts such as “beak”, “feathers” and “wings”.

Then we got a little more in depth and learned about different types of birds. There are common birds such as pigeons or crows. However, we also introduced more exotic birds such as flamingos and eagles!

For a bird lesson, it felt very appropriate to have the lesson outside. The weather was also much cooler, so everyone was able to enjoy themselves without the scorching heat!

Also, being outside allowed us to look for any birds that might be nearby! Kindy 3 was able to spot some crows!

Once all that was done, it was time for a game!

Each team would listen to the teacher then race to touch the correct flashcard!

Everyone was super excited to try their best. It was a blast!

This game also helped show how good everyone’s memory was! Everyone knew exactly where to go without much hesitation!

Everyone had such a fun time that we almost forgot that we were having a lesson! Kindy 3 has great competitive spirit!

Overall, everyone did a fantastic job! There was so much to learn in this lesson, but everyone was able to remember it all! Keep soaring, Kindy 3!