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Cheers!! ⭐︎ Small Kids

Cheers!! ⭐︎ Small Kids


Today we are going to talk about a very important part of our day. DRINK TIME!!!

It is very important for us to stay hydrated throughout the day especially as the weather is getting warmer. During the day we must make sure we drink lots of liquids to keep our bodies and brains in tip-top shape. 

We have a drink at least two to three times a day. 

First, we make sure to all sit down nicely on the mat so Mika & Kerstin can hand out our drink bottles. Always remember to say “Thank you Mika/Kerstin.” 

Now it’s time to open up our drink bottles. We all practiced very hard to push our buttons by ourselves and get the cap open. “PUSH PUSH” 

And Next… weeeeee sayyyyyy “Cheers” !! We clink our bottles with everyone before we take a sip!! We love clinking our bottles with our friends and teachers. 

And now we drink! “BIG SIPS EVERYONE” 

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! Refreshing and Yummy!!

We are now finished. So of course, it’s time to tidy up! We close our bottles and put it back in the drink bin. Our bottles are all together and in the same place for the next drink time. Perfect!

We put the drink bin away as a team. We all help to carry it and put it in the cupboard.

“HEAVE-HO HEAVE-HO HEAVE-HO!!” Team work makes the dream work!

“YAY! We did it!”

Thank you for hanging with the Small Kids! Stay Hydrated Everyone!

Until our next adventure!