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Mother’s Day Craft! ☆ Preschool

Mother’s Day Craft! ☆ Preschool


Hello everyone! It’s Preschool here!

Last week we finished our Mother’s Day Craft and we were so excited to give them to our mummies!

Nanami and Hannah showed us how to make a handprint flower card.

First, Nanami and Hannah cut out our plant pots and stuck them on our cards.

We practiced pressing down on our paper to see where our hands would go.

We then put each hand on an ink pad tray. We needed to press down hard to make sure our hands had enough ink on them!

Press, press, press…

Press, press, press…

Push, push, push…

“What colour will our handprints be?”

“Red and orange!”

When our hands were covered in ink we needed to press them down on our cards to make the flowers.

“Good job pressing everyone!”

Nanami and Hannah helped us press on the paper to make sure our handprints were nice and clear!

“So many fabulous flowers!!”


“Look! I did it!”

“Well done! What lovely flowers!”

After the ink had dried, we used our thumbs to make the leaves on our flowers.

We pressed our thumbs into the green ink tray and then dabbed them near our flower handprints to make the leaves!

“Wow!!! Look at all those leaves!”

We absolutely loved making our cards for our mummies, and our mummies loved them too!

Great work everyone, you all did an amazing job!!!

I wonder what we’ll make next month…?