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New Conversations and Lining Up ☆ Kindy 1 Class

New Conversations and Lining Up ☆ Kindy 1 Class


Hello everyone! Kindy 1 Class here again!

We are all ready to try our best as we begin to do Show and Tell with each other in the morning. We’ve been practicing how to make different questions, and how to answer in a big voice so everyone can hear us.

“Does anyone have any questions?”

“I do!”

Toni is singing our different question words every day for us, so we can try to make our own questions. We are trying to make different questions for every day.

“Can we think of a ‘where’ question to ask?”

“Where did you get it?”

“Oh, that’s a good question!”

And after a couple of different questions, we get to see up close the really cool things our friends brought for Show and Tell.


Also! With our field trip coming up, we’ve been practicing how to buddy up and walk in a line.

“Please find your partners, and let’s line up!”

We’re very good at this! We love our partners. ^.^

“Ready, Kindy 1? Let’s go!”

“Let’s go!”


We’re so good at stopping in our tracks! Toni told us to freeze and take not a single step more if we hear someone call out for us to stop. Just in case!

We also practiced walking in pairs outside!

“Kindy 1, please show me your inside hands!”

Inside hands? We know that! That’s the hands we are holding our friends with! Toni checks that we’re all holding our partners like this!

“Kindy 1, please show me your outside hands!”

We keep our hands really high up!

We’re doing our best to use our big voices with each other, and we’re all so excited to be ready for our upcoming field trip!

Good job, Kindy 1! Toni and Ari are very proud of how well you are all trying, and how quickly you’re all improving! Keep up the good work and let’s have another fun and exciting week together!