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Point To The Window! ☆ Small Kids

Point To The Window! ☆ Small Kids


This month we learnt all about classroom objects! These are every day items we see in our classroom and even at our homes. We use them to help us with our daily tasks like drawing, playing, toilet time etc. 

First, we practiced the items using flashcards. Kerstin showed us the pictures with the words on them and we practiced pronouncing the words. We used our *BIG VOICES*

We also learned the actions to go along with the objects:

Mat!!! “TAP THE MAT” 

Drink Bottle! “GULP GULP GULP”

We played lots of games too:

1. We drew a house together with Mika and Kerstin and we put the items where they belonged. *STICK STICK STICK* 

2. We played the “Touch Game”. In this game, we were given two choices and had to pick the correct one. “TOUCH TOUCH” 

3. Our favorite game was “What’s In The Box!?” We put our hands in the box and grabbed an item. Then we practiced together what item it was and how to say it. 

During our last week of April, we found classroom objects from our lesson right here in our Small Kids Classroom! We took our flashcards and matched them with the real objects! 

At the end of every lesson we sang the “Wind The Bobbin Up” song. This was our theme song for classroom objects. We loved singing and dancing along with the actions as well! 

We had a great time learning about the objects in our classroom! We love our classroom! 

Remember to practice finding items at home with Mommy and Daddy!

Thank you for hanging out with the Small Kids!

See you on our next adventure!