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Time to Team Up! ☆ Kindy 1

Time to Team Up! ☆ Kindy 1


Hello, everyone! Kindy 1 Class here!

We love to play games as we learn in class, and lately we’ve been really good at throwing games! Especially for targets that we can knock down!

This month, and especially this week, Toni and Ari have been putting us into teams so that we can see how many points we can earn together. It’s fun to make up names for our teams, Like Team Heart! Or Team Princess!

“How many points did your team get? Let’s count together.”

“One… two… three…”

“Everyone, please clap! We have our winners!”


“Winning Team, please say Good Job to your friends!”

“Good job, everyone!”

Being called by name is easy for us, so Toni also has us line up on our own and make us try to play quickly.

“Next pair is ready? Please raise your beanbag, ready step, and three, two, one- throw!”

“It’s a ham!”

“It’s hotdog!”

“Ooh, so fast! You both earned a point for your team!”

Sometimes, we even team up against Toni! We can be really fast when making numbers.

“Okay, listen carefully. Can you make…”

“I can be faster than Toni!”

“Uh, okay. Then let’s make 72.”

“Ooh, so fast Kindy 1! What number did you make?”


“Yeah you did!”

Some games were more familiar. Like listening and racing games.

“Okay, Pink Team, Green Team, are you ready? Please get, 80. Ready, set…”


“What number was it?”

“It’s 80.”

“It sure is!”

Good job, Kindy 1! Everyone is getting very good at playing quickly and confidently! It’s so much fun to try your best and work together. That’s why one of our Things to Keep in Mind for the class is just that! Try Hard and Have Fun Together! Let’s have another fun week together, everyone!