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Making a Splash at Pool Time! ★ Kindy 3

Making a Splash at Pool Time! ★ Kindy 3


Hello hello! It’s that time of the week for another Kindy 3 blog! This week we’ll be talking about pool time!

The main goal of pool time is to simply relax, enjoy the atmosphere and have some fun.

Everyone is able to play on the slide, have some water toys and get each other wet!

Playing nicely is still very important, so it’s necessary for everyone respect each other’s limits. Some students like water fights, but maybe others don’t. So communication is key. 

There is also a plethora of toys to choose from, so everyone is certain to have a lot of fun!

There are a few pools for the students to choose from and everyone has fun coming and going as they please.

The slide is one of the biggest attractions! While it isn’t the biggest, it is still loads of fun ride!

While there are plenty of toys, some toys are undoubtedly very popular. Just like with any other toy in the school, it’s important for everyone to remember how to share!

However, in some cases toys aren’t necessary and plenty of us had fun just splashing around!

 Everyone is doing a fantastic job with pool time and we couldn’t be prouder! It’s still pretty hot out there though, so be sure to stay hydrated! Stay cool, Kindy 3!