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Having a ‘Splash-ing’ Pool Time!☆Preschool

Having a ‘Splash-ing’ Pool Time!☆Preschool


Hello everyone! It’s Preschool here!

We’ve been having a splashing good time in the pool recently!

We wanted to show you all the fun we’ve been having!

Before we come outside we change into our swim suits, grab our towels and have a quick shower before hopping in the pool!

Hoorayyyyy!!! It’s time to jump in!

We absolutely love the pool!!!

We like to tip out the toy basket and see what water toys we can find!

We especially like the fishing nets so we can scoop up all the little animal toys!

Splish, splash… splish, splash…

The pool is so cool and refreshing, we can’t help it but take a dip!

We love it when Nanami, Arisa and Hannah get in the pool with us!

We love to spray and splash water at them and get them just as wet as us!!!


Wow!!! Such a big splash!!

The water slide is one of our most favourite things!

We’re very good at taking it in turns and waiting patiently for our go…

We have so many buckets and containers to play with too!

We like filling up the buckets and transporting the water to different pools.

We’re very careful and try our best not to splash water on our friends!

Wow!!! Look at all the bubbles!!!

“You’re pouring the water so carefully! Good job!”

It’s so much fun exploring in the water!!! We find so many different toys and objects to play with!

“Look! I have a red ball!”

When our time at the pool is finished, it’s time to tidy up!!

We make sure to grab all the toys and put them back in the baskets, ready for the next class to enjoy!

We are so proud of how sensible you are and how nicely you all play in the pool!

Great job, Preschool!!!

We can’t wait for our next pool day!!