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Water You Waiting For? Kindy 3

Water You Waiting For? Kindy 3


Hello again, everyone! It’s another Kindy 3 blog! Today we’ll be talking about science! When someone thinks about science, it’s hard not to also think about experiments! It has been a while since Kindy 3 has done an experiment, so everyone was excited when they found out that’s what we would be doing in class!

The first step to any experiment is doing the proper preparation. For this experiment we needed plate, water, food coloring to make it easier to see the water, a candle, some glue, a lighter and an empty bottle.

Once the prep was done, it was time to ask about our hypothesis! What will happen once the bottle is put over the lit candle?

There were a lot of good ideas as to what might happen! Some students thought the fire would go out. Others thought it might get bigger!

Everyone had a chance to say what they thought might happen. It was a very good thinking exercise for everyone to take part in. It was even more fun to hear what others thought!

Once everyone had their say, it was time to start the experiment. The candle was lit and the bottle was put over the candle. Of course, teachers reminded everyone not to play with fire. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you’re with. Fire is not a toy!

What ended up happening was a surprise to everyone! The water that was on the plate was sucked up into he bottle! Wow!

It was a great experiment that hopefully gets everyone even more interest in science!

For anyone wondering why, here’s a quick explanation!

The air inside the bottle heats up and expands because of the candle. The candle uses up the oxygen inside the bottle, causing the candle to go out. The air begins to cool and contract. This creates a vacuum inside the bottle! The pressure outside the bottle pushes the water into the bottle to fill the vacuum!

The goal was to let everyone think for themselves why certain things can happen under certain situations. Hearing everyone talk about what happened and why they thought so was amazing! Stay scientific, Kindy 3!