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Playing Harder and Louder ☆ Kindy 1

Playing Harder and Louder ☆ Kindy 1


Hello Everyone, Kindy 1 here!

This month has been so busy already! Before our holiday, we've been doing so much as we review everything we've learned so far. It's been so long since we went over our shapes!

"Can you tell me what shape you hit and what size it is?"


"Okay, please throw from the blue circle!"

We also got to talk a lot about animals again.

"Please find your animals quickly! They are so hungry!"

"I found my snake!"

"I found my elephant!"

"Nom nom nom!"

"Wow, he's so hungry."

Something we haven't done in a long time was directions. Recognizing our Left, Right, Up, and Down.

"Hmmm. How will we help Ari find the grapes she wants?"

"She goes down!"

"Like this?"

"There! There!"

"Which way? Up? Down? Left? Right?"


"Bonk. Nope, that's a wall. Which way are we going?"


"To the right!"

"Left! Left! Left!"

"No! Down! No! No!"

"Bonk. Wow, Kindy 1. We are bumping into a lot of walls. Wanna try again if you can draw the line?"


Even though it's hot outside, we still do a lot of moving activities. We like practicing to move together, too.

"Let's jump, five times."

"One! Two! Three! Four! Five!"

"Oooh, good job everyone!"

"Hands up!"

"Hands up!"

"Hands down!"

"Hands down!"

"Let's clap, three times!"

"One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six-!"


One new thing this month has been our Face Parts. With our super listening skills, we get really excited to play Simon Says. We are so good, we are letting the winners have a turn calling Simon Says, instead of Toni.

Even looking at other faces is easy for us to find different face parts.

"Can you find, Panda's cheeks?"


"This one."

"Good job, girls!"

"Toni, I wanna play again as teams!"

"Okay, how many of us are here today?"

 When we make teams, we get so focused and ready. After our points are all earned, we count them together.

"What about Toni's team?"

"Oh, did I have points too?"


"Aw, man."

Good job, Kindy 1! Toni and Ari are so proud of how well we play together and how hard you try to do your best! We're also surprised by how much you remember! Let's all have another fun week together!