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Small Kids Jack-o-Plates ☆ Small Kids

Small Kids Jack-o-Plates ☆ Small Kids


Hello Everyone!! Small Kids here!! We want to tell you all about our craft for October. 

If it's October, then you know it must be a Halloween themed craft. 

Jack-o-Lanterns are a must for Halloween, but here in Small Kids we like to mix it up! So instead, we're making Jack-o-Plates. It's still Jack but he's in a different form :) 

Here we go.... muahahahaha

So first, Kerstin showed us what it would look like. 

Hmmmm...I wonder if this will be easy or hard? can do it guys! 

Let's get sticky! We need to spread glue all over our plates.

*Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze*

Look! I did it! 

Next, we used orange and yellow pieces of paper to make the base of Jack's face. 

*Stick Stick Stick*

...such good focus! Keep going guys!


...let me blow on the papers to see if they are stuck well! 

Now what's a face without its features! Let's get some glue and carefully apply it and place it on top the colored paper.

*Glue Glue Glue*

...slowly, steadily, carefully. 

Eyes are first! Two of them right!?


The nose is next. We only need one of those. 

Hey! I found this it yours? 

...noooo :D

And last but not least, Jack needs his mouth. 

Muahahaha... is it scary?

...uh...nope! :)

Okay. Now we need to use some string so we can hang it up later. 

Push it through the hole

And pull it out the other side

Ooohhh!! Looks good!!



Nice Work Small Kids!

Look out for our Jack-o-Plates during this month! 

Thank you for hanging with the Small Kids!

See you on our next adventure!