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New Gym Games ☆Kindy 1

New Gym Games ☆Kindy 1


Hello everyone, Kindy 1 Class here!

This month has been so busy with all sorts of new lessons in class and all the crafts and challenges we've worked on. It's so nice to get a

chance to move around, too.

Our TRYLE Class had us practicing with jump ropes recently! Some of us already know the idea of it, but everyone started from the easiest

part; Getting to know our jump rope!

"Can you balance on your jump rope? Let's try!"

"You can make different shapes with your jump rope, too."


We tried to make circles, and hearts! Maybe?

"How do you use your jump rope? Let's jump with them!"

So fun! We know what to do, even if it takes some practice!

Another game we really like is Rock Scissors Paper! We all know this game, so we played Rock Scissors Paper Snake!

"Kindy 1, make sure you jump over each of our cones. When you meet your friend, then you play rock scissors paper!"


"Are you ready, Toni Team?"

"Yes we are!"

"Are you ready, Ari Team?"

"Yes we are!"

"If you win, you keep jumping! If you lose, run back to your team! Quick quick quick!"

"Rock, scissors, paper! One, two, three!"


Everyone does very well staying in line and jumping as best they can!

"Jump! Jump! Jump!"

We did very well with Rock Scissors Paper Snake, so Toni also showed us Hungry Snake. We start with teams, just like before, and Toni will

show us a flash card. Whoever says it first, gets to take their friend to their own team! If we both say it together, then we do Rock Scissors

Paper again to see who will 'eat' the other team.

"Ari Team, are you ready?"

"Yes we are!"

"Toni Team, are you ready?"

"Yes we are!"

"What flashcard, is this!? "

"It's cheese!" / "It's..."

"Ari Team, please get your friend's hand!"

"Let's go!"

This Hungry Snake got so close to Ari Team winning again! Toni Team was down to two friends left!

"What card, is this!?"

Good job, Kindy 1! We always have fun when we're playing together in the gym, or outside, or in class! Let's keep doing our best and have fun with each other this week, too!