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Let's Play Games Together! ☆Preschool

Let's Play Games Together! ☆Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here!

We've been learning to play some new indoor and outdoor games and we can't wait to show you!!!

Red Light, Green Light!

Our new outdoor game was Red LIght, Green Light!

We listened carefully to the rules of the game and couldn't wait to play...

Red Light = STOP!   Green Light = GO!

Nanami told us that when we see the green circle we can start walking. When we see the red cross we have to stop and stand still.

If we move we need to sit by the wall until our next turn to play.

We see green, time to start walking!

As soon as Nanami showed us the green card we started to walk slowly towards her...

Oh no!!! We see red! Everyone stand like statues!

Nanami showed us the red card! Quick!!! Stand still! If we move we'll be out! Freeze like a statue!

You're getting good at this!!!

We got more confident with the rules and started to run! 

Don't get caught!!!

When we made it to the end, we had to tap Nanami and Hannah and run away as fast as we could!!! Quick or they'll catch us!

Musical Chairs!!!

Our new indoor game was musical chairs!

We've played this game before, but this time we had letters of the alphabet and colours on our seats. 

When the music stopped we had to sit on a chair and say what letter, or colour, we were sat on...

"What letter are you sitting on?" 
 "E, e!"

"What letter can you see?" 
"It's M, m!"

"What colour did you sit on?"
"It's Silver!"

"What colour is that?"

We're so happy you enjoyed learning and playing these new games!

Well done, Preschool!!! We're so proud of you! ♡