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Spooky Halloween Crafts!☆ Preschool

Spooky Halloween Crafts!☆ Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here!

We had the most wonderful time leading up to Halloween! We did all sorts of Halloween games, songs and activities!!! We had the best time at our Halloween party too! One of the things we really enjoyed doing was our spooky crafts...

Time to make some MUMMIES!!!!

One of our spooky crafts was to make wiggly mummies!!! Mummies were one of or favourite Halloween creatures ♡

Ripping, Tearing, Shredding...

First, we ripped tissue into long strips of paper. It made the perfect thing for wrapping our mummies in!

Time to Wrap 'Em Up!!!

After all that ripping it was time to wrap up our mummies in the long pieces of tissue. 

Stick, Stick, Stick...

The mummies were covered in lots of sticky glue to help our tissue stay in place. Good job sticking everyone!!!

We Need Some Wiggly Legs!!!

To make our mummies extra wiggly we stuck on some super wiggly legs! We peeled off the sticky tape and stuck them on the bottom!

It's Looking Good!!

After sticking on two googly eyes our mummies were looking great!!!

WOW!!!! Look at those wonderful wiggly mummies!!!

You all worked super hard, they look FANTASTIC!!!☆

Decorating Pumpkin Masks!!

Our second craft was Pumpkin Mask making! First we coloured ur pumpkins with orange and green crayons...

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting...

Then we worked carefully with our scissors to cut out the mask. We've practiced lots with scissors and can follow the lines really well!

BOOOOO!!!! So Spooky!!!!

"Look!!! I'm a Jack-o-Lantern!"

"You cut out your mask so carefully! Good job!"

Taa-daaaaaa!!! Finished!

We finished off by sticking some spooky, sparkly stickers onto our mask! ☆

Well done Preschool!!! You all did an amazing job on your Halloween crafts! ♡

We're so happy you enjoyed making them! I wonder what we'll make next...?