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Ringing in the Fun ☆ Kindy 3

Ringing in the Fun ☆ Kindy 3


Hello again, everyone! Another Tuesday, another Kindy 3 blog! This week is about playing bells! This is everyone's first time playing the bells at IKA, and it's trickier than it looks. Not only do you have to play the bells, but you also have to have a pretty good grasp of musical concepts as well!

With a bit of practice, everyone was able to catch on pretty quick. Once the basic concepts were covered, it was time to learn how to hold the bells. That's right, even holding them requires a bit of practice! They need to always touch your chest! Otherwise they might make noise when it isn't your turn!

After a short explanation of how to ring the bells, it was time for the fun part: actually getting to ring the bells!

The down and up motion can be a bit tricky, but everyone was able to get the hang of it fairly quick. Everyone showed good motor skills and excellent enthusiasm!

What is most impressive is how concentrated everyone was! It's easy to get bored an lose focus, and thus miss your turn. However, Kindy 3 was on point! Everyone was super excited to learn the scale and song! We made so much progress in just one day! Kindy 3 never ceases to impress! Keep up the excellent work, Kindy 3!