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Bug out! ☆ Kindy 2

Bug out! ☆ Kindy 2


Our new science topic for the month is insects. We love telling teachers all about what insects we like and which insects we don't. We started the week off with a flashcard lesson and a fun activity!

We got to ask our friends what their favorite insect is and record them for a survey!

"What's your favorite insect?"

"I like butterflies!"

"So many people like butterflies!"

After we got everyone's answers, we counted them all together.

"How many ladybugs did we get?"

"We got 2!"

We also got to watch a video about 10 different bugs you might see in your yard. It was really cool to see and learn about some of our favorites!

"What did the video say the difference between butterflies and moths is?"

"Butterflies come out in the day and moths come out at night!"

After the video we had a bug graphing activity that was really fun. We had to count how many of each bug there was and then make a bar graph. 

"How many grasshoppers did you find?"

"I found 6."

I am glad you all had so much fun learning about bugs and how to use surveys and graphs! 

Great job, Kindy 2!