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Sounding Out Our Phonics ☆ Kindy 1

Sounding Out Our Phonics ☆ Kindy 1


Hello everyone, Kindy 1 class here!

We've been working hard to show what letters we know and to give the right phonic sounds to each when we are the Phonics Leader for the day! We love to find our double phonics, too!

"Toni, I see double phonics!"

"You do? Where?"

"T, H, th!"

"You're right! Month has double phonics in it."

Because we love to find the double phonics all over our classroom, Toni let us trace the ones we can find in our days of the week and months!

"If you see a double phonics, please trace it, okay?"

"Over here?"

"Is that a double phonics?"


"Okay, go ahead and trace it!"

"Okay, Toni!"

"I found two double phonics!"

"Oh, please leave some for your friends! Please choose one to trace."

"I did it!"

"Ooh, what nice tracing! Can you tell me what double phonics you traced?"

"It's C, H, ch."

"Yeah it is! What month is it?"


"Good job!"

"Kindy 1! I found some more phonics cards to play with! Who wants to choose one?"

"I do!"

"Hmm. Who is sitting the nicest?"

"Okay, everyone. What double phonics is this?"

"C, K, ck!"

"Perfect. And what single phonics is this?"

"O, o!"

"What do you get when you put it together?"



"Oh, I heard rock. This is rock. This is ock. What is... this?"



"It's tock, like tick-tock from a clock!"

"Hm...Are we done?"

"One more time!"

"One more? Okay, we can do one more. Who is sitting nicely?"

Everyone in Kindy is showing a good start to understanding how to put our phonics together. While Toni was starting the last few words to try to sound out, everyone was really fast with trying to not only guess the word but how to spell it, too!

"Daddy! D, A, D, daddy!"

"It's dog!"

"Kindy 1, I'm not done drawing!"

"Dog! D, O, dog!"

Good job, everyone! We're all starting off strong as we begin learning how to read together! Toni and Ari are so proud of your hard work! Let's keep trying hard and having fun this week too!