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Christmas Fun ☆ Kindy 2

Christmas Fun ☆ Kindy 2


Hello everyone,

We have been having lots of fun working on our very own Christmas decorations. We were excited to make something we haven't made before. 

We really liked painting our stars, snowmen and christmas trees with sponges.

"Look at our hands!"

"So much paint!"

Once the paint was dry Laken explained how to make the rest of our craft.

"Make sure to put the glue on the flat side of the noodle!"

"You only need this much glue on each noodle."


Gluing the noodles on our ornaments was fun! We were so focused to make sure we didn't use too much glue. 

Sometimes getting the glue on the noodle was hard, so we asked our friends for help.

"How are you getting the glue?"

Even though putting the craft together was hard, we tried our very best. We can't wait to show you how cute our Christmas decorations are! 

Great job Kindy 2!