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One Parachute, Many Uses ⭐︎ Small Kids

One Parachute, Many Uses ⭐︎ Small Kids


Hello Everyone!!

For our last blog of the year we want to tell you about something fun fun fun!

It’s our parachute!

Now, I know you may be thinking “but parachutes are for jumping out of airplanes” Yes. You're right! But for us in Small Kids, we use ours to have fun in multiple ways, none of which include jumping out of airplanes . Hahaha parents. Don't worry, we are safe! :)

First of all, our parachute is colorful, so we take it out and like to use our imaginations to explore how to use it.

For example, we can pretend it’s a big wrap around dress.

Look at me! I'm Stunning! 

Or how about a soft blanket to lie on.

What a lovely spot! 

Secondly, we like to use it as a base for a picnic. With its many colors it really brightens up the floor and encourages a nice atmosphere for playtime. 

We all hold on to the tabs and spread it out across our classroom mat.

 This is how you hold it, right?

Now, it's time for some tables and our kitchen set. Let's picnic everyone!

Let's cut up this lemon

That looks delicious!

Our parachute is really huge and we can take it pretty much anywhere around school. So, when the weather is nice and sunny, its’ perfect to play around with it outside.

Guys let’s take this outside!

Alright everyone! Altogether now!

“Heave-ho Heave-ho”

Come on Mika, put your arms into it!  

Oh no! It's flying away! Go after it!

Grab it everyone!  



Our favorite activity is when our teachers lift it way up high and we get to run under it.

This is so fun! 

We sometimes chase after our friends too! Wait for meeeee...

I'm soooo fasttttt! 

Yay! We did it!

Thank you for hanging with the Small Kids!

We will see you all in 2024!