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A Very Merry Christmas Craft!☆Preschool

A Very Merry Christmas Craft!☆Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here!

We've had a very busy, festive week, getting ready for Christmas and the holidays!

For our Christmas craft we made Festive Tree Ornaments!!!!

WOW!!! What are we making?!

First, we listened carefully to Nanami and Arisa we showed us what we were making and how to make it...

Look carefully...

We watched closely to see what we needed to do to make our ornament...

Let's Get Crafting!!!

Our first job was to carefully put our photo in the ornament cup...

Watching Closely...

We had to make sure our photo was the right way up, otherwise it would be upside-down!! Ooopsie!!

Time to Add Some Sparkles!!!

Next, it was time to make our ornaments magical by adding in lots of sparkles and glitter!!!

Scoop, Scoop, Scoop...

Using the spoon, we scooped out the sparkles and sprinkles we liked and poured them into our ornament cup...

Time to Wrap It Up!!

After that, we wrapped the bottom of our ornaments in wrap and stuck in to the red circle...

Good Job Sticking!!

We used double sidded sticky tape and pressed down hard to make sure the circle didn't move!

Taa-daa!!! I Finished!

Well Done! What a Lovely Ornament!

Brilliant work this week, Preschool!!!

Your Christmas Tree Ornamaents look beautiful! You worked so hard to make them! ☆

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and we can't wait to see you all in the new year!!!♡