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New Year, New Routine! ☆ Kindy 2

New Year, New Routine! ☆ Kindy 2


Happy New Year everyone!

We are so excited to be back at IKA with our teachers and friends! We told everyone all about what we did on our break. Now that we are back at school, we have to get used to the new routine. 

We start off the morning with a worksheet that helps us remember our basics!

Our Day of the Week worksheet was difficult but we tried our best. 

"If today is Monday, what was yesterday?"


"If today is Wednesday, what will tomorrow be?"


We are even going over the ABCs, to make sure we know how to write both upper and lower-case letters.

Laken made sure to explain how to complete each of the worksheets before we got started.

After we finished the worksheet we were able to play with our friends before we started the day.

"What should we make?"

"An airplane!"

We also started brushing our teeth after lunch. We first learned the rules of brushing your teeth. 

"No running, No being silly, Don't spit water at your friends...etc."

"You only need a little bit if water in your cup when your rinse. When you are finished please empty your cup into the sink."

"Make sure to put your toothbrush and cup back in your bags!"

Good job learning the new routine Kindy 2!