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Shapes Everywhere!☆Preschool

Shapes Everywhere!☆Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here!

Last week we were learning all about shapes!!!

Come and see what we've been up to! ♡

"What Do You See? I See Shapes!!"

Hannah showed us lots of different shapes! Some of us already knew some of their names! WOW!!!

Making Shapes!!

We learnt the name of every shape and an action to help us remember! Can you guess what shape we're making...?

"Can You Make a Heart Shape?"

We all knew the name of this shape!! It's one of our favourites! ♡

Time to Find Some Shapes!

Hannah told us the colour and name of a shape and we had to quickly find it on the board!!!

"Look! I Found Oval!!!"

"I Got Light Pink Rectangle!"

"Well Done! You Found the Green Heart!"

"I Got the Triangle!"

Surprise Shapes!!!

It was time to try a new game! Everyone closed their eyes and Hannah gave us a mystery shape...

"Good Job! You Both Have Squares!!"

We opened our eyes and listened for our shape to be called so we could feed it to the robot!!!

"Well Done!! You Both Have Stars!! Good Listening!"

We absolutely loved learning about shapes and we can't wait to learn some more!!

Excellent listening and learning Preschool, well done!! ♡

I wonder what new shape games we'll play next time...?☆