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Making Valentines Day Cookies! ⭐︎ Preschool

Making Valentines Day Cookies! ⭐︎ Preschool


Hello everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day! ♡

It’s Preschool here and we can’t wait to show you how we made our beautiful Valentine’s Day Cookies!!!

“What’s That, Arisa?!”

Arisa showed us our new craft material... CLAY!! We've never used clay before and Arisa explained that it was like play dough (one of our most favorite things!) and she showed us what we were going to make!!

A New Tool!!

We all had a big ball of clay and Arisa showed us how to use a rolling pin to make the clay flat!

Let’s Get Ready To Roll!!!

We got straight to work, rolling out our clay into a nice, big, flat circle! Perfect for making cookies!

Concentration Face!!

We had to push down hard and roll backwards and forwards at the same time. It was tricky at first but we soon got the hang of it!

“Great Job Rolling!”

“Keep It Up! You Can Do It!”

Time To Make Some Shapes!!

After our clay was super flat, it was time to cut out the cookies!! We got to choose 2 shapes to cut out our cookies...

“Can I Have Circle, Please?”

Press, press, press!!! We had to press and push down on our cookie cutter shapes to reveal our cookies!!

It’s Decorating Time!!!

After our cookies were made we could decorate them with shiny beads and sparkly sprinkles!!! 

Choosing Our Decorations Carefully!!

We pushed the sprinkles into the clay cookies to make them stick!!

“Your Clay Cookies Are Looking Wonderful!”

“Look!! I Made Diamond Cookie!”

Taadaaaaa!!! Our Clay Cookies Are Complete!!!

When our cookies were dry, we put them in little bags and tied them with our favorite colour pipe cleaner, ready to give to our favourite people for Valentine's Day!! ♡

We're so happy you loved making your clay cookies!!! Well done Preschool!!!