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Doll’s Day Craft!⭐︎Preschool

Doll’s Day Craft!⭐︎Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here!

Last week we were very busy making our Doll's Day craft!! This was our most creative and most favourite craft to make yet! Let's show you how we made it...!

Using Our Drawing Skills!!

Our first job was to draw two smiley faces on our dolls! We've been doing lots of pencil practice recently and it's really helped our pencil control!

“Can you draw two circles for eyes?”

“Let’s draw a big smiley face!!”

With a red pencil we gave our dolls a big smiley mouth!

“Super pencil grip!!”

We use the 'Baby Shark Grip' to hold our pencils nicely. This gives us better control when drawing and writing!

Time to Start Painting!!!

To make the outfits for our dolls, we wanted to use our footprints!! Miku helped to paint our feet...

One Red Foot, One Blue Foot!

Painting our feet felt very strange!! The paintbrush tickled our feet and toes and made us laugh!

Time to Stamp!!

We then stamped our feet onto paper to show our footprints. It looked great!! After they dried we could stick them on our dolls!

It’s Cut, Cut, Cutting Time!!

We used our cutting skills to cut out another part of our dolls' outfit! We love cutting!!

Open, Shut… Open, Shut…

We carefully cut around the green ovals making sure we follow the line and watch out for our fingers!

“You’re nearly there!! Keep it up!”

Time to Add Some Sparkle!!

To finish off our Dolls' Day craft, we gave our pictures a little sparkle! We wanted to glue some pretty, shiny flowers around our Dolls!

Glue, Stick…Glue, Stick…

Using the glue we carefully stick our flowers on the paper. We had lots of colors to choose from!

Taa-daaaa!!! Our Beautiful Dolls!!

A BIG well done to you, Preschool!! 
This was our trickiest craft yet but you all worked so hard and made the most beautiful dolls! 
We are so very proud of you!! ♡