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Out of this World! ☆ Kindy 2

Out of this World! ☆ Kindy 2


Hello everyone!

We were so excited to learn about space this month. We started learning all about the moon and how many different phases there are. There were so many! 

"How many moon phases are there?"

"There are 8!"

We even learned that NASA can show us what moon phase it is based on the date. We got to look at the different phases for the entire month of March!

"Wow so cool!"

"NASA is awesome!"

We made our very own moon phases craft and it was so much fun. The most important step was making the Earth! We had to cut out a big, medium and small piece of green paper to put on our green circle. 

"Did everyone finish gluing the Earth to your plate?"


We made sure to listen carefully to Laken's instructions so we colored the right part of the moon black.

"Only color the small part black."

"Can we use this today?"

"Of course! You can look outside and try and figure out what the moon phase is."

"It's like a game!"

I am so glad you loved learning about the moon.

Great job Kindy 2!