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Year of the Dragon Fun Week ☆ English Time

Year of the Dragon Fun Week ☆ English Time


Hello everyone, this is English Time!

This year is going to be the Year of the Dragon, so that is what we made a craft for this Fun Week! First we colored our dragons any way we liked.

"I like this color."

"I want to color the same as my friend!"

Wow! They all looked so good! Some of you drew hearts, and others drew elements like lightning and fire! So cool!

Then, we cut our dragons in half! Don't worry, just trust the process.

"If you have time, you can try cutting around your dragon too."

Finally, our mystery strip of paper was explained.

"Can you fold your paper back and forth? We are going to make it zig zag, like an accordian."

It was so hard!

"Teacher, help please!"

"Go ahead and rip your tissue paper! When you are done, you can get your glue." Some of us were very careful, and others were eager to get gluing.

After that, a quick work of sticking our popsicle sticks meant we were done! And then we could play a game, Simon says!

"When you hear 'Simon says', you copy me. If I don't say 'Simon says', and you still copy me, you're out!"


"Simon says, clap to the left!"

Did you see our crafts when we brought it home? We all worked really hard on it!

Good job, English Time! Let's all have a great Year of the Dragon! Until next Fun Week! Bye bye!