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Our Last 2 Weeks of Fun!⭐︎Preschool

Our Last 2 Weeks of Fun!⭐︎Preschool


Hello everyone! It's Preschool here!

We've been having lots of fun during our last 2 weeks of Preschool before we get ready for Kindy 1! We've been very busy doing lots of activities and making the most of our time together!

We Love Tracing!!!

One of our favorite things to do is tracing!! We're so good at holding our pencils nicely and love following patterns and shapes...

“Look!! I have an Octopus!” 

We got to choose our favorite ocean animal and trace an under-the-sea picture!!

“Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo…”

We use the 'Baby Shark Grip' to hold our pencils properly and then we concentrate on following the dotted lines!

We Always Try Our Best!!

One thing we're really good at is trying our best!!! No matter what activity we do, we will always try and give everything a go!!!

Making Art With Big Paper!!


We haven't done big paper colouring in so long! We love rolling away the mat and drawing big, colorful pictures on the floor!

Color, Scribble, Draw!!!

We use all our favourite colorist to create beautiful pictures! Right now we love making rainbows!

Making Shapes On Paper!

"I can make a big zig-zag!"

"Look! I made lots of circles!"

What Will You Draw Next?!

"Yay! Another piece of paper! Which crayon would you like?"

"I got the pink crayon! I like pink!"

Being Imaginative!!

We have all become so creative and imaginative! We always think of new ways to use our toys!

"Look! It's a house for the animals!!"

Let’s Sing Together!!

We love using the big blocks as microphones! We sing all our favourite songs together!!

"Let it goooooo...Let it gooooooo!"

Emergency!! Call The Ambulance!! 

We love using the cardboard cars outside and pretend that we're an ambulance or fire engine!!

"Quick! Call an ambulance! I need help!"

"I'm coming!!!"

Fire!! Fire!! Call The Fire Fighters!

"Oh no!! The house is on fire! Quick, put out the fire with water!"

"I got the hose!"

We love making these happy memories with you, Preschool!! ♡ Let's keep having fun together!! ♡