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Year in Review Part 1 ☆ Small Kids

Year in Review Part 1 ☆ Small Kids


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Small Kids Year in Review - Part One.

We have had such a wonderful time this year and these are some of the highlights.

Take my hand. Let's go back in time :)

APRIL - This was our first month. We were nervous about our new friends and teachers but gradually we started having fun together. One of our favourite ways of bonding was by playing outside. 

Playing Together = Friends Forever

It was our first time doing craft as well. We made baby chicks for Easter. 

They're so cute, right?

MAY - we have started getting a little comfortable in our classroom. It was also Mother's Day month so we decide to make a bouquet for Mom.

She's going to love this!

We also tried water games as sensory movements (like playing with water) is very important for our development. Our teachers hid ABCs in the water and we had to reach out to grab them.

Wowww! So cool!

JUNE - May is for Moms and June is for Dads. Let's make medals for Father's Day!

We are so focused on our task!

June is also the month we formed our "Small Kids Band." We absolutely love musical instruments. We wanted to play and sing all afternoon. 

1...2...3... 1...2...3...

JULY - Here comes summer! And that means...POOL TIME!!! Our favourite summer activity was putting on our swimwear and splashing around in the backyard. 

Splish Splash! 

In July, we actually made our own toy turtles to use in the pool. We even chose what colours we wanted, like green, yellow or orange. 

Here are your eyes...stick stick stick

AUGUST - remember when I told you we love musical instruments? We love them so much our teachers decided to help us make our own. We worked so hard and loved using our pan flutes. 

Ready. Set. Blow!

And this is the month, we did the Transportation Theme. So we got to pretend to be on a bus. We would all help with this game. We would line up the chairs like a bus, sit down and sing the "Wheels on the Bus" song. 

The wheels on the bus go round and round

SEPTEMBER - It's time for Grandparents Day! We made keyrings with our handprints on one side and our photos on the other side. Wow! We've gotten so good at making crafts now!

One for grandma and one for grandpa

September also means, half the year has gone! Wow! That went by so quickly. 

Well, before we do anything else. Let's do some body measuring to see how much we've grown. 

Yay! I've gotten taller!

Well, that is the end of Part 1. 

See you next week for Part 2.

Thank you for hanging with the Small Kids. 

See you next week for our last blog as Small Kids. Yep! We are going to Preschool soon ;)