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Final Preparations for Our Last Day ☆ Kindy 1

Final Preparations for Our Last Day ☆ Kindy 1


Hello everyone, this is Kindy 1!

Similar to our Parents Week, our lessons have been very fast and full of review questions! Last week was full of all sorts of themes we haven't heard from in so long!

Today, we went over Emotions, Colors, and Shapes so quickly, answering about our feelings and favorites and how many sides and corners some shapes have. Then, Toni asked us what we wanted to play.

"I want to play A Tissue, A Tissue!"

"A tissue? Oh, you mean ring-a-round-a-rosies. Okay, we can do that."

"I want to hold your hand!"

"Make a circle, Kindy 1! Side step"

"We all fall down!"

There are so many of us! We love this game!

"You know what sounds fun? Back Toss. Do you remember Back Toss?"

We did! But, since we're almost done with the year, Toni said we had new big kid rules. Before, if we accidently took two passes at a time, we waited for our friends to finish before keeping our line going. Now, we had to start over from the beginning of the line if we were too impatient!

"I can do it!"

"We are almost Kindy 2!"

After we found a winner, Toni made some of us switch teams.

"We're so fast!"

We still like to play with the same toys, but we are really excited to have new toys when we go to Kindy 2.

And of course, we will be spending time with all the new teachers this week! We really like everyone!

Oh, Kindy 1! This is our last week together! We're ready to give our big thank you's to our Kindy 3 friends, and we are all excited to see what Kindy 2 is like! We're going to keep practicing Kindy 2 behaviours, and Toni and Ari are hoping we keep having so much fun together while we still can! We are both so proud of how far you have all come!