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Fun Week Emotion Hat ⭐︎ English Time

Fun Week Emotion Hat ⭐︎ English Time


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our last English Time Fun Week Post!

For the month of March, we made emotions hats. 

Let's tell you how!

Before we start, we listened to our teacher's explanation about how we're going to make the emotion hats. 


Excellent listening! 

First, we had four emotions to color: Happy, Sad, Hungry and Sleepy. 

Color Color Color 

Nice coloring guys!

Second step. Cutting the emotions out. We had to be very careful and go slowly with the scissors.

Great focus!

You guys are pros! 

Third step: Using glue to stick the emotions on the head band.

Glue Glue Glue!

Stick Stick Stick 

Finally, let's peel the double-sided tape on the inside and stick the two ends together to make the hat. 

Nicely done! 

Yay! And that's how we made the emotion hats! 

After putting our hats on we played "All My Neighbors"

The way we play is: our teachers make a sentence starting with "All my neighbors" and if the sentence matches us, we stand up and switch seats. 

All my neighbors wearing something purple...

Oopsy daisy! 

Switch switch switch 

And that's a wrap on Fun Week for March! 

YAY! We did it! 

Smiles all around!  

Thank you English Time 1, 2 and 3!

See you next school year!