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First Days of Class On Our Own ☆ Small Kids

First Days of Class On Our Own ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone, we are Small Kids Class!

We are not new to IKA, as we loved coming to Baby Class. But, this is the first time we didn't have mommy come with us. We started so well, mom and dad! We are trying to learn what to do for our morning routine!

"Today is Monday! Who wants to help me?"

"I do!"

We raised our hands! Toni and Arisa helped us find the right day and weather!

After our morning routine and a fun song to watch our teachers dance to, we had our lessons.

"Who wants to play a game?"

"I do!"

We know what that means! Even if we were a little worried, we stopped crying because we like games!

We are so good at lessons! We are also really interested in our playtime, because other than playing with toys, Toni and Arisa were playing with us outside and at the table!


"Good coloring! Oh, are you sharing with me?"

"What do you want to make? I see you like carving into your clay."

But then! But then! Toni interupted us!

"We can stand together, okay?" 

I was trying to make a bowl with my clay!

"See how this part moves? Can I help you stand under it?"

Yes, but I was playing next to Arisa!

Good job, Small Kids! You are doing so well listening to Toni and Arisa and being so brave as you try everything in class! Let's all have a great week together!