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Crafty for Children's Day ☆ Small Kids

Crafty for Children's Day ☆ Small Kids


Hello everyone, Small Kids Class here!

The first few weeks of class have flown by, and we really love having so many fun things to do with our teachers.

Since last week, we've even started working on our first big craft project!

After we got some paint for our handprints, we were given some paper to try to color on it.

"What color do you like?"

Then we noticed that we could use a glue stick!

"Can you do it? Can you be gentle with  the glue?"

We promised! But Toni and Arisa decided that maybe we needed a little bit of help after all lol.

After we stuck our handprints onto our flags, we got stickers!

"Here you go, you two! Please peel the stickers by yourself. You can do it, right?"

Yes, we can! We can peel and stick the stickers all by ourselves!

After all of those stickers, we were ready to use the gluestick again! Toni and Arisa helped us again, but we were trying a little more on our own.

"Wow, you can really use the glue nicely, huh? Go ahead and stick your eye in the corner."

"Pat pat"

"Yes, pat pat pat your picture!"

We got our craft almost done for Children's Day! We're already so excited to take it home to show you, Mom and Dad!

Good Job, Small Kids! Toni and Arisa are so proud of you! Let's keep having fun and enjoy another week playing and learning together!