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Perfect Sunny Weather! ☆ Preschool

Perfect Sunny Weather! ☆ Preschool


Hello everyone! Preschool here! We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather we've been having and play a lot outside! Before we go out, we have to put on our orange hats to protect us from the sun!

Our orange hats are important; we even help our friends get ready!

There are so many things to choose! Where should I start?

I want to throw the ball - get ready to catch!

We like to hang on to the jump ropes during outside playtime!

We like to feel the wind on our face as we go down the slide!

The fire engine is always a popular toy!

I'm feeling brave enough to try the jungle gym!

We did it! We climbed the whole jungle gym!

When it gets too hot, we have to be careful to drink enough water!

Ding dong! Who's visiting?

At the end of playtime, we have to tidy up, heave ho!

Wow! We had so much fun during outside playtime! Let's hope for a lot more sunny and warm weather so we can keep playing outside! Great job, Preschool!