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Easter Crafts and Fun with Phonics! Kindy 1

Easter Crafts and Fun with Phonics! Kindy 1


We are having so much fun in Kindy 1 so far. This week, we learned about Easter and how Americans usually celebrate the holiday with friends, family, and an easter egg hunt! For our celebration, we made our very own Easter eggs with an Easter bunny inside! 

We colored our eggs, we practiced using scissors to cut them out, and then we stuck ears to our Easter bunnies!

We also practiced our Earthquake Safety Drill. We did a really good job at making an "acorn" shape to protect ourselves, putting our special hats on, and walking out of the building quietly.

For language arts, we did really well at holding our pencils correctly with our fingers in a "baby shark" shape, and we practiced writing nice lines.

Our favorite part was playing LOTS of games with phonics. We matched capital and lowercase ABC's on the mat, and it was really fun!

We are getting more and more confident speaking English every day!