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Growing Minds and Beans! ☆ Kindy 3

Growing Minds and Beans! ☆ Kindy 3


Hello Everyone!

In Kindy 3 we have been learning all about plants. We have learned the names of the parts of a plant, drawn them and talked about what they do. But what better way is there to learn about plants, than to grow them yourself. So, we did!

First we added some soil to a cup...

Then we added the beans and pushed them 2-3cm deep...

We made sure it was nice and flat...

Watered them...

And left them in the sun to grow.



It has been about 2 weeks since then. Are you ready?



Here they are!

We make sure to water them everyday!

And today we had an up-close look at the leaf veins to study how the plant moves water from the roots, up the stem, and into the leaves.

Just like the beans, I look forward to watching Kindy 3 grow throughout the year!