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Our Routine Diary, with our New Friends ☆Small Kids

Our Routine Diary, with our New Friends ☆Small Kids

Our Routine Diary, with our New Friends ☆Small Kids


Hello, this is Small Kids☆

Starting from this month, we have four new friends! We are so happy to meet them, and to play and learn with them! Today, we wanted to show our families our daily routine! First, we start off by coming into the classroom and putting our blue books and drink bottles away. We are really smart, and always know where to put our things! When all of our friends arrive, we sing "Hello!"

After we sing "Hello!", we will go through our days of the week, as well as figuring out the weather! 

Here is one of our friends finding today's date! "I'm coming!" she says, when we tell her it is her turn!

"It's Tuesday!" she tells the class! Yay! Good job! :)

We decided that it was "Sunny" outside! Our friend was called up to find our "Sunny" cookie, and she stuck it on the wall! Yay! Good job! :)

Here is our teacher doing our CST with us. Our CST helps us practice communicating! This month, she will ask us: "How old are you?" and we will say: "I'm ... (1 or 2)!" We are so smart! 

After we do our ABC flashcards, we play an ABC game to help us learn! Today, we picked raindrops off of our board, and told our class which letter we picked. We did a really good job!

Here we are sitting nicely while doing our Numbers flashcards!

Here is our friend playing our color game! Our teacher asks us to find a color, and we find the correct fish! We are getting so good at this!

At 12:00, we say "Goodbye!" to some of our friends! The two of us will eat lunch and stay until 2:00 heart!

After lunch, we played in the Play Area! We had so much fun! There are so many toys up there!! The possibilities are endless!

At 2:00, it is time to go home! What a fun day! We are a bit sleepy!

Good job to all our friends, and welcome to our new ones! We cannot wait to make more memories in Small Kids heart