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May Fun Week! ☆ English Time

May Fun Week! ☆ English Time


Hello everyone! This month for English Time fun week, we made our very own 3D glasses! We got to start by designing and decorating our own glasses frames before gluing in the blue and red cellophane.

Once we've finished our designs and lenses, we get to try our new glasses on! Everything seems a bit blurry until we look at the special pictures in our little book! These are called "anaglyph pictures" and they look so cool when we use our glasses!

We also played a fun game called Sleeping Animals for our group activity! We listened to our teachers and laid down to say "good night!" Then when we woke up, we would act like the animals we heard! "Good morning, chickens! Good morning, cats!"

We had so much fun this month! We hope we can have a lot of fun in the coming weeks and months ahead! Amazing job, English Time!!