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Our Aquarium Field Trip! ☆ Preschool

Our Aquarium Field Trip! ☆ Preschool


Hello everyone, Preschool here! We went on our first field trip to the Nagoya Port Aquarium! We walked together nicely to look at all the animals! Let's go!

We were so lucky to be close to the glass when a big, big sea turtle swam by! Wow!

We also got to see some baby turtles swimming around in a smaller tank! They're going to grow big and strong just like us!

We also got a close look at the penguins swimming! They go so fast!

We even measured ourselves against life-sized statues of real penguins! They're so cute!

We ate lunch while waiting for something exciting to happen... what could it have been...?

Oh! It's the dolphin show! They were so fast and jumped up so high in the air! We couldn't take our eyes off of them!

We had an amazing time at the aquarium seeing animals we've been learning about in class these past few weeks! It was exciting to see them all in real life instead of just on flash cards! Everyone had a lot of fun walking around with friends and parents during our excursion! Fantastic job, preschool!