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Father's Day Crafts! ☆Small Kids

Father's Day Crafts! ☆Small Kids


Hello!This is Small Kids! ☆

Recently, we made crafts for our Daddies for Father's Day! We thank you for always loving and taking care of us! heart

In today's blog, we want to share with you how we made these cute crafts. angel


First, our teachers painted the bottom of our foot! It tickled so much, so we were laughing a lot! Then, we stamped our foot onto a piece of dark blue paper, to make the print! Stamp!​​​​​​​

After we made our footprint, we glued stars and triangles onto our paper. This turned our footprint into a cool rocket in space! We were so satisfied with how it looked.

Then, we wanted to decorate even more! We chose three pom poms each to put on our rocket. We had a fun time picking colors, and there was so many to choose from!

Yay! We are finished! Our crafts look so cute! 

These are our finished products! Good job everyone!

Happy Father's Day! We love you Daddies! Thank you for all that you do heart


Small Kids!