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Our Color Game ☆ Small Kids

Our Color Game ☆ Small Kids


Hello! This is Small Kids!!

In Small Kids, we learn about many things! This includes our ABCs, numbers, colors, and various words to describe things in our daily lives! Often times, we use games to practice our retention of these things. This week, we tried out a new game! We call it "Color Game". In this game, we put various colors of pom poms on the floor. Then, our teachers gave us cups that are different colors.

The teachers demonstrate what to do!

One teacher chose a yellow cup, and put only yellow pom poms into it. We are practicing recognition by matching, memory by finding the colors we hear, and fine motor skills by picking up the pom poms. Can we do it?! Yes we can!

"This one, this one!" the teachers said. We were really excited to play, so we loved putting all the pom poms into the cups, no matter the color. But, the teachers were trying to help us sort the colors properly! When we got the hang of it, our teachers were impressed!

Seeing our smiles at this new game was so satisfying for our teachers! To know that we could learn and play at the same time was such a wonderful thing. We love learning. laugh

We can't wait for even more fun learning activities!! Good job Small Kids :)