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Turtle Hat Craft Fun! ☆Preschool

Turtle Hat Craft Fun! ☆Preschool


Hello everyone! It’s Preschool here!

This month we made a super cool craft just in time for our trip to the Aquarium…

We made Turtle Hats!!!!!

Turtles are one of our favourite Ocean Animals and we wanted to make something we could wear on our field trip!

We started by adding eyes to our turtle faces! Nanami and Hannah gave us googly eyes and we had to stick them carefully onto our turtle…

Now it was time to get sticking!!!

Nanami covered our turtles in glue and Hannah gave us all a big pile of rainbow tissue paper! We picked which colours we wanted to use for our turtle shells and stuck them onto the shell carefully…

Stick, stick, stick… Which colour will you pick…?

“Wow! Your turtle shells are looking amazing!!! Which colour will you use next?”

“I want green!”


We thought very hard about the colours we wanted to use…

Some of us picked our favourite colours to decorate our shells!

Some of us used all the colours we had to make a lovely rainbow shell!!!

We needed to cover the whole turtle shell as much as we could!

“Can you cover all the white parts with the rainbow paper?”

Look at your colourful rainbow turtle!!!

You did such a lovely job! Well Done!!!!

We like to look at what our friends have made to give us ideas!
(“I really liked the colours you picked! You’ve worked very hard!”)

These turtle hats look absolutely wonderful!!!

You all worked so hard and tried your very best!

We wore our hats to the Aquarium and we looked fantastic!!!

Great job, everyone! You make us so proud every, single day!!!

A massive well done for trying so hard and for being total superstars on our field trip!!

We can’t wait for next month’s craft!!!