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Family Time Is The Best Time ☆ Small Kids

Family Time Is The Best Time ☆ Small Kids


Hello Again Everyone!! 

We want to tell you all about our latest theme. June was all about F.A.M.I.L.Y~~FAMILY!!

We are all part of the big IKA family of course, but we also come from different homes with our own families and this month we learnt and practiced the English equivalent to our family members. 

First, we got introduced to the theme via flashcards. We learnt the words and also the gestures that go along with them.

Here, we are doing the action for “Father”. Can you tell? He is shaving! 🙂

In this photo we are practicing the gesture for grandma. 

“Knitting Knitting” 

After going through the flashcards we played one of our favorite games called “What’s In The Box” 

When we pull out the family member we practice saying who it is and do the appropriate gesture together with our teachers. 

When it’s our friend’s turn we chant “What’s in the box, what’s in the box…what family member is this??” 

We sit nicely and wait for our friends to finish and when it’s our turn we are SUPER EXCITED to try!! 

For the last few days we got introduced to something new! PUPPETS!!! Yay!!

We were so happy to meet and play with our puppet family! How about we introduce you to them! 🙂

First, we have Daddy. This puppet daddy is also a doctor! When he’s not shaving he is helping the sick feel better. 

Then, we have mommy.  She is so smart and although she makes us eat all our vegetables she always makes us happy. 

Then, here comes sister! She is like our first best friend and she gives great hugs. We love playing and laughing together! 

Next, we have brother. Brother is super strong but also very funny. He always tells us jokes and we spend so much time laughing together. 

And last but not least, we have baby. Baby is still very small so we have to be careful. We play with baby gently and comfort her when she’s crying. 

So, not only did we get to meet our puppet family we go to play and learn with them as well. Some mornings, our teachers would line them up in front of the class and we would take turns to identify which puppet is which family member. 

Let’s look at an exmaple

Hmmmm… Kerstin is doing this action with her arms…that must mean she’s talking about…. 

….the baby!! Yay! I got it! 

“Touch Touch”

When we are done playing with the puppets we always made sure to say goodbye. 

“Goodbye Puppet Family” 

Finally, we sang our family theme song. This one is called “Father Finger”

We sang and used the fingers on our hand to represent each family member! 

Hooray! What fun we had learning about FAMILY! 

See you on our next adventure. 

HINT: It’s going to be a “hot” one 🙂