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Rabbit Masks for April Fun Week!

Rabbit Masks for April Fun Week!


Hello everyone! It’s English Time 1, 2 and 3 here!

In the last week of April we did an amazing Easter themed craft!

We all made super cute rabbit masks!

First, we looked at our materials and listened to our teachers who showed us how to make the rabbit mask.

We started by colouring our rabbit ears. We could choose any colour we liked!

“Great job colouring everyone!”

We then had to stick our ears on the back of our paper plate.

We had to work carefully with the glue sticks and only put glue on the bottom of the ears.

After we applied the glue, we had to turn over our mask and press the ears down so they would stick.

We then got to work sticking our 4 whiskers onto our bunny mask. This part was the trickiest, but we tried our best and managed to stick all the whiskers on with the glue stick.

Stick, stick, stick…

After adding some extra details to our mask, it was nearly done!

The finishing touch was sticking a lollipop stick to the bottom of our mask so we could hold it.

Taa-daa! Don’t we look so cute?!

We absolutely loved making our masks and we were so excited to be rabbits!

“Say cheese!!!”

For Fun Week we also played a game of musical chairs!

When the music was playing we had to walk around our chairs and dance!

“Baby Shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo!”

When the music stopped, we had to find a chair as quickly as we could and sit down.

“Quick, quick everyone! Find a chair!”

Each time, a few chairs were taken away! The person sat on the final chair was the winner!

“Yay!!! I’m the winner!”

Great job everyone!!!

We’re so happy you all enjoyed your April craft so much!

I wonder what we’ll make next month…?