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Our Favorite Time of Day! ☆ Kindy 2

Our Favorite Time of Day! ☆ Kindy 2


Hello everyone!

We love doing our lessons with Laken and Manami everyday, but we are always so excited for the afternoon. We get to have playtime after lunch and it is so fun! We get to go to lots of different places for our playtime. 

When we go to the upstairs play area we love to work together to build houses and chairs. 

“It goes like this.”

When we finish building our chairs we love to sit down for a game of cards.

“Do you have…..”

We even try our best to read during playtime with friends, sometimes there is a maze we can work on too!

We always love to show Laken and Manami what we draw on the etch-a-sketch.

“Look what I made!”

We get to play in the gym on Wednesday and we like to use the mats, play soccer and work on our balance. 

“Make sure you don’t use your hands!”

“Step, step, jump!”

As much as we love playing in the play area and gym, our favorite place to play is always outside! 

“Let’s go!”

We are learning lots of different types of stretches and they always make us giggle when we make funny poses.

We throw the balls so high it knocks our hats off!

We are looking forward to even more playtime!